Our Charities

While the Kingston Townsmen support various charitable causes, projects and organizations throughout the Kingston region, they also have two primary charities they support year-round. A percentage of all chorus revenue received through our shows, concerts and performances is donated to these worthy causes. 

Sing Canada Harmony
The Sing Canada Harmony Scholarship Fund is a registered charity established in 2008 to unite Canadian a Capella singers through service to youth and children in schools and communities. The fund provides financial assistance for educational and training opportunities in singing vocal music performance, vocal music leadership, vocal music administration and vocal music composition, arrangement, adjudication and staging. Sing Canada Harmony will financially support learning opportunities for Canadians throughout the communities and schools, and particularly among young people, to gain expertise and experience in the field of a Capella vocal music harmony singing in quartets and choruses. Learn More

Harmonize For Speech
Established in 1977, The Harmonize For Speech Fund provides funding for Speech Pathology education, research, tools and treatment needed to assist those with stuttering and speech-related disorders throughout Ontario. Learn More